Thursday, February 06, 2014

Pressure cooker

"Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories – The backpack analyses" After all the debunking, you get to point #7, referring to this analysis, which I think is conclusive. Based on the photographic evidence, there is no way there was a heavily loaded pressure cooker in the backpack of either brother. If this was a normal criminal trial, and not a fixed 'terrorism' trial, the defense counsel would win in a slam-dunk by simply showing photos of the backpacks and comparing them to a backpack filled with the appropriately weighted pressure cooker.  The brothers were made into patsies simply by paying them to go to the scene carrying backpacks, leaving the backpacks behind, and then walking away.

"Don’t Laugh! It’s “Anti-Semitic”! - International Zionism’s Crusade Against Dieudonné and The Global Jewish Assault On Freedom of Speech" by Jonathan Azaziah.  The 99% have no trouble seeing through the bullshit that is eaten whole by the lickspittles for World Jewry and the 1%.

"The Quenelle: Blame Dr Strangelove and the Bomb" by Stuart Littlewood.  I'm sure Littlewood means well, but this is an appalling analysis, playing into every Jewish lie.  The Jews Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick were trying to sell the quintessential Jewish idea that the world is full of gentile anti-Semites who have to repress their natural Jew-hating urges.  Thus Dr Strangelove has to physically stop his arm from making an automatic Nazi salute.  The quenelle is a totally different gesture, with the jocular repression being directed at the 'up yours' bend at the elbow (not at the shoulder), with the placement of the hand indicating how fed up you are with the actions of the 1%.

"Rise of Eurosceptic parties could put peace in Europe at risk, German foreign minister claims"  Germany is threatening WWIII unless it is allowed to steal all the wealth of countries like Ukraine.

Alexa O'Brien, a real journalist, is trying to investigate the government cover-up of a possible conflict of interest in he Manning court-martial and the very strange role of the New York Times.

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