Monday, March 10, 2014

Nyet to the gas

I'm finding it difficult to comprehend the talk of war over Ukraine.  I know that the government bought for Ukraine by Jewish traitors purporting to work for the United States consists mostly of unpredictable hot heads - basically a group of football hooligans in too tight suits  - but there is a huge reality hanging over Ukraine and all of Europe.  The energy supply.  The Russians can instantly wreck Ukraine and all of Europe by turning a few valves.  You can't airlift natural gas.  Any war against Russia is preposterous. The Europeans might be forced to come in and fight on the Russian side.

What you have to ask is how could the Americans have been so stupid to set up such a situation.  The answer is that the bureaucrats behind this folly were not so much stupid as traitorous, working solely for the interests of a foreign country.
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