Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Right, left, whatever

Two posts from Tuesday Night Buzz:
  1. "NSA-like";
  2. "Reaganites - NED"
You'll note immediately how odd it was for Reagan to appoint a loud and proud commie to an American government position.  Conservatives naively complained at the time that the State Department was full of leftists (now, of course, they say it is full of 'anti-Semites' and 'Arabists').

Reagan's bizarre appointee, Carl Gersham, has quietly led the National Endowment for Democracy ever since.  What's really going on?  From Gersham's Wikipedia entry:
"In 1972 he and Irving Howe edited a collection, Israel, the Arabs and the Middle East.  Gershman served on the Editorial Board of Dissent, which was edited by Howe."
From Right Web:
"Gershman became head of SD-USA shortly after the Socialist Party-USA split into two factions in the early 1970s: a left wing led by Michael Harrington, and a right wing led by Gershman, Tom Kahn, and Rachelle Horowitz. The right faction morphed into SD-USA, which in the early 1970s rallied around Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson, the hawkish Democrat from Washington State whose staff was made up of several future key neoconservative figures, including Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, and Elliott Abrams. Like many of these neoconservatives, Gershman was tapped to serve in the Reagan administration. In 1984, Gershman took over the helm of the NED, a congressionally funded organization created by Ronald Reagan in 1982 to support groups that promote democracy in the Soviet Union and other communist countries (see GroupWatch Profile: SD-USA; and "Loose Cannon," Cato Institute, 1993)."
The Official Story is that the neocons were 'mugged by reality' and moved from extreme left to extreme right. The reality is that violent racist group supremacists have no use for the concepts of right and left other than to create confusion.  They all have one goal, which is to leech off American power and wealth to create a Zionist Empire across the Middle East.  We now have another example in Ukraine of a country wrecked, along with American prestige and possibly the dollar's status as world reserve currency, all because Putin wouldn't play along with Zionist plans for the Middle East in Syria and Iran.

"Israel and the Conservative Movement in America" (Raimondo)
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