Thursday, March 27, 2014


Barry:  Iraq not as bad as Crimea because the US didn't make Iraq the 51st state.

"Ron Paulies Are Batshit Conspiracy Theorists, Chapter 794"  Every single word, indentation and piece of punctuation in this Gawker piece by Adam Weinstein is a barefaced lie.  We're reached the point where the American media no longer has to pretend to be telling the truth, safe in the knowledge that Americans are just too stupid/brainwashed to know when they are being lie to.

"New Poll Finds 26% Of Haredi Teens Are Zionist"  Perhaps the most interesting of the many, many supremacist racisms of the Jews is anti-haredi racism, and I've been wondering for a while whether the new Jewish anti-settler movement is a reflection of the increased role of 'authentic' Jews in Zionism (of course, Zionism is still considered an abomination by many haredi).  Part of the problem is that an increasing part of ultra-Orthodox faith seems to consist in being a complete pain in the ass to everybody else!

"Rolling Stones accused of hypocrisy as Tel Aviv gig announced"  Sir Mick has quite the opinion of himself, he's not stupid, he doesn't need the extremely rich payday, and he has to know that this gig will soon look as bad as playing Sun City in Apartheid South Africa, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

"We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ License to Kill"

Cryptome has various whitewash documents:
  1. Boston Marathon Bombings Report Declassified
  2. Ibragim Todashev FBI Kill Report by DoJ
  3. Ibragim Todashev FBI Kill Report by FL Attorney
  4. Ibragim Todashev FBI Kill Report by FL Court
"Your heart will break at the plight of this bright young lad! Pass it on!" Privilege and ricin (just imagine what would have happened if any of these very amateur chemists were Muslim or any shade other than white!).

"Kim Dotcom launches New Zealand political party"

Niqnaq has the censored Massad article on Dahlan.  Censorship was required as Bibi has penciled Dahlan in as the new Palestinian Collaborator-In-Chief.  Abbas will get a bountiful gift basket reflecting the appreciation of World Jewry for a job well done.

""When There is Peace, I Will Raise an Israeli Flag on the Roof of My House" (in Syria!)"  More tales of amazing secret Israeli benevolence.  Did I mention secret?
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