Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truth and moral clarity versus the elite bizarro lies

You should listen to this interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by Julian Charles.  My only quibble is his inability to explain what the neocons are really up to and why, but I understand his need to stay 'respectable'.  Remember the United States achieved its power and wealth when it had high government officials like Roberts.  You just have to laugh at the people in those positions now.

"Ukraine - New Propaganda Meme: Fascists Are Russian Tools"  This an extension of the elite  conspiracy theory that the thugs employed by the Americans are actually working for Putin.

What can you do?  Go back to first principles, what the neocons are really up to and why.  Target the people involved.  Put a 100% economic boycott on their businesses until things change.  Quite a few of them should be in jail on treason charges.  This kind of pressure would work, and is the only thing that would work.
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