Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A ridiculous conspiracy theory: Russia and the Right Sector

"Kirchick's conspiracy theory about Right Sector as Putin's agents provocateur"

Easy answers to the three supposed signs of a Russian conspiracy:
  1. "Why, for instance, did Yarosh allegedly meet with Yanukoyvch for half an hour on the very day that special forces, the much-loathed “Berkut,” opened fire on protestors?"  Answer:  He was continuing the deception that a deal had been obtained so the government would let down its guard enabling the American-paid thugs to forcibly stage the coup.
  2. "How was it that not a single member of Right Sector was among the “Heavenly Hundred,” as the casualties of the Maidan protests are now consecrated (a particularly curious omission given the group’s much-vaunted role as the armed vanguard of the revolution)?"  They were told there would be destabilizing snipers firing indiscriminately into the crowd, and stayed away.
  3. "How does the organization afford an entire floor of rooms at the four-star Dnipro Hotel, the Right Sector headquarters in downtown Kiev, where a red and black flag hangs prominently in the lobby?"  Victoria Nuland! Duh!
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