Friday, April 18, 2014

Long game versus somebody else's crazed game

This is right:  "The thing which everybody seems to be missing"

Putin has a long game - dealing with the threat of NATO (no longer much of a threat due to the mind-boggling expenses of fighting Wars For The Jews), and setting up a BRICS New World Economic Order. The Americans - and their regrettable European poodles - can't have a long game as they are completely tied up with fighting the long game prescribed by ZOG, the doomed enterprise of building that crazed Zionist Empire across the Middle East, with all the Wars (For The Jews) and mass destruction and sheer waste that supremacism requires.

It is very easy to strategize if you know the one overwhelming weakness of your opponent, the weakness that compels it to operate consistently against its own national interest.  Americans can't fix this problem because - ha! - it can't even be mentioned in polite company.
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