Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lots of other ways

"Ukrainian special forces team caught near Donetsk" (Saker).  It is funny that the Americans and/or Ukrainians are guilty of absolutely every crime Kerry and the Americans accuse the Russians of doing.

Barry is soon going to have to remove the stench of the rotting corpse that is John Kerry. I know he only does what ZOG orders him to do, but everything he touches - Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian talks, and now Ukraine - turns into an embarrassing disaster.

"Italian Foreign Minister Mogherini: “Do We Want a Nuclear War?”!" Small break from the uniform wall of Euro stupidity/cowardice/anomie.

"New York Times attempts to whitewash its role in publishing faked Ukraine photos"

"‘NYT’ scrubs ‘analysis’ that Hamas is ‘seen in West as the devil’" (Weiss).  They just can't help themselves.

Funny headline of the day:  "Corporate Canada pays low taxes but contributes in 'lots of other ways'"

"Why Canada may be heading down the 'slippery slope' toward American-style health care"  The plan is to starve it of money, and thus destroy it without leaving visible Conservative Party fingerprints on the corpse.  Remember that the sole reason Harper is in politics is to wreck the Canadian health care system, something he can't do directly.

By the way, the Conservatives are also in the process of instituting full scale Republican Party vote suppression tactics into the Canadian electoral process.

"A ‘New Israel’… in eastern Texas?"  I have suggested Oklahoma, but this will do.  When one person/one vote is instituted across Palestine, there will be millions of vicious Jewish supremacists who will be looking for a new country.
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