Thursday, April 24, 2014


I've mentioned the American technique of regime change, which is to carpet bomb civilians in a country until the country's leader is forced to leave just to save lives.  This has been applied in Serbia and Libya.  Now we have the logical, if utterly psychopathic, conclusion, bomb Syria in order to force Putin to acquiesce to American plans for Ukraine:
  1. "Stopping Russia Starts in Syria"
  2. "Killing Syrians For Ukraine"
  3. "'Bomb Syria…For Ukraine’s Sake!': The True Colors of the 'Humanitarian Interventionist' and 'Responsibility to Protect' Crowd"
The psycho is the aptly named Anna-Marie Slaughter, and if I lived in her neighborhood I'd have the police keep an eye on her lest she try to poison my cat or strangle my children.  This is simply one of the most insane things anybody has ever written.

Meanwhile, in the real world of the semi-sane, the Ukrainian army seems to be carefully testing the Russian response, and the Russians are being as careful to send unambiguous signals back.
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