Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Streisand effect

Exactly as you would expect, defense lawyers are throwing the case, but something of mild interest has come out:  "FBI pushed elder Tsarnaev to be informer, lawyers assert"

State of the art American propaganda:  "Ukraine: Hate in Progress" by Tim Judah

"State Dept Launches 'Free The Press' Campaign Same Day DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Jail Reporter"

Unusually pointed response to the neocons:  "Obama argues against use of force to solve global conflicts"  I don't think we have to worry about WWIII.

We do have to worry about this:  "Targeted Killing Could Become A Game For All ~ If We Fail To Nail The Warmongers" 

"Israel Appears to Raise New Peace Talks Issue With U.S."  "Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football"

People always underestimate the weight of cash:  "Ukraine: Fascists Lack In Math".  I imagine the junta picked a number based on how much they intend to steal, so when the shortfall appears they can blame it on the last guy.

"Immediate Take Down Notice"  "Streisand effect"

If you filter out the giant chip on the shoulder of certain middle aged white men about race in America, this conspiracy theory makes sense:  "Pay no attention to The Man behind the curtain"
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