Thursday, April 17, 2014

The people versus the usual warmongers

"Ukraine SITREP April 16, 10:50 EST (Ukrainian civil war day 2)" The officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian army are showing infinitely more intelligence than the coup politicians, who seem to be solely in the employ of the CIA and the Jews.  The only way a Ukraine is going to survive is with the federal system Putin has been talking about, which means the Ukrainian people have to hang together to avoid the war the warmongers are trying to organize.

The common sense of the Ukrainian army embarrasses the imperialists, so it has to be rewritten by the professional liars:  "Ukrussy Riot — Bbc Fabricates “a Very, Very Significant Show Of Force Today By Forces Loyal To Kiev”"

"Poland’s Participation in the Ukrainian Pandemonium"

"Ukraine: Isn't it time for Obama to clear house?"
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