Saturday, May 17, 2014

A shuffling of the oligarchs

"The top ten global warming 'skeptic' arguments answered" I doubt very much that anybody who can read this still needs convincing, but here it is anyway. The assholes have delayed things for so long that their argument is now that we can't do anything as it is too late, and it will be a huge business opportunity for the 1% to attempt to preserve various places - e.g., Europe, California, New York City - in the world as semi-habitable if not particularly pleasant.

It should be apparent now that the charade in Ukraine is just a shuffling of the oligarchs, all of whom intend to make oodles of money, as always, by doing shady business with Russia on the backs of Ukrainians (what the Maidan populist anger was supposed to be against), and we've reached the point where they have decided to eliminate the unreliable middleman of government, politicians and bureaucrats, and run things themselves:
  1. "Blond Muslim billionaire takes control in eastern Ukraine"
  2. "Ukraine crisis: Country's richest man steps into the breach to help calm Donbas region"
  3. "Akhmetov and other oligarchs seek role as Ukraine’s policemen"
"Loan USA Your Stuff, Kiss it Goodbye: Iraqi Jewish Archive Loaned for "Conservation", now Staying"  To be fair to Iraqi authorities, it was a 'loan' at the barrel of a gun.
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