Friday, May 02, 2014


"Ukraine attempts to retake town seized by pro-Russian rebels"  Another 'blockade', i.e., stopping people who don't want to go somewhere from going there.  Two things Ukrainians are learning you don't want to entrust to football hooligans:
  1. ministers in your government; and
  2. helicopter pilots.
"Who’s the Propagandist: US or RT?" There is a point in the death of an empire where it becomes completely unclear where the propaganda is directed. Kerry and the State Department have been reduced to pathetic attempts at fooling themselves.

"Sustained And Absolute Incompetence"

"Gros Morne oil fracking plan leads UNESCO to seek buffer zone" The picture appears to have been chosen to hide the spectacular beauty of the park.

"CIA power play ousts DIA Chief"

"German Government Blocks Ed Snowden From Testifying Before Parliament So As Not To Upset The US"

"Vladimir Putin and his pals are destroying forests to build secret mansions and luxury resorts"  Looks like Treehugger is just Propagandahugger.

"Anne Barnard pleas for more arms for Syrian rebels"  They carefully and consistently shift from active to passive voice depending whether the attack appears to be by the Syrian government or by 'al Qaeda'.

Unfortunate ratio.

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