Friday, May 09, 2014

Duck Soup

Some facts:
  1. As Russia controls the Ukrainian energy supply, Ukraine, even if it had a functioning army, has no ability to wage war of any kind against Russia.
  2. As Russia controls the Ukrainian energy supply, and can deny future supply, Ukraine has no negotiating position with respect to paying its energy bill to the Russians.
  3. To emphasize all the bullshit that is flying around, a lot of the IMF refinancing is going to pay the money owed to Gazprom (ha!).
  4. The people running Ukraine now are the people voted out for their extreme corruption mostly due to energy deals made with the Russians, energy deals which they now want to get out of paying for (ha, ha!)!
  5. As there won't be a war between Ukraine and Russia, fantasies about WWIII and nuclear Armageddon are just fantasies (cue the neocon tears).
  6. I suspect the small push-back on the visa waver program relates directly to anger from American patriots over Nuland's Zionist attack on Putin, which has done nothing but accelerate the weakening of the American Empire (ZOG).
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