Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In and near the Jewish Museum

"Experts split on Jewish Museum killer: lone wolf or hitman?"

"Investigators divided on terror motives in Brussels Jewish Museum shooting"

"Killer at Belgian Jewish museum ‘may be hitman’"

"Was the Jewish museum killer a hired hitman? Experts say gunman looked 'experienced'"

"Brussels Terror Attack and Mossad Connection"

"Israeli Murdered in Brussels Worked for Mossad"

The reporting is typically, and almost certainly intentionally, muddled, but it is clear that only two people were killed inside the museum.  The couple was shot outside on the street (and it is funny that they are described as 'Israeli tourists'), where any shooter motivated by Jew-hatred would be unaware of whether they were Jewish or not.  Thus it was an attack directed at these two people, not at two random Jews.  The shots inside the museum were fired to confuse the issue.  The information released by the Israeli government using its usual outlet, Silverstein, was a signal back that it was not fooled.

This may very well be a Hezbollah or Iranian retaliation for all the many Israeli outrages that require retaliation. It may not be a coincidence that the husband was a professional European Jew-collector, stocking Israel for the 'demographic problem', and Ukraine is a current big target filled with freshly scared Jews.  It may not be a coincidence that they were in the area of the Jewish Museum, and one has to wonder if such museums are used as Israeli intelligence fronts.

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