Friday, May 30, 2014

Not very nice

In terms of how they act and what they do, it is completely clear that ninety-some American Senators are some form of devil worshipers  (if I had to guess, Sabbateans), so it is quite odd to see one actually stand up for the lives of the Christians being slaughtered in Syria:  "Harper: Obama's Syria Obsession Boosts Al Qaeda"

"Missing From The Story: LulzSec Informant Sabu Released Early Because He Got LulzSec To Hack FOR The FBI"  Note that the FBI has no interest in preventing or punishing crime - it actually is working to promote criminal activities.

"The not-very-nice things U.S. officials used to say about Ukraine’s new president"  I have to assume we're seeing this in the Washington Post of all places (usually a consistent no-truth zone) as the American government wants to deflate Willie Wonka a bit.

"History of Lebanon in the Washington Post"  Speaking of the no-truth zone, the Washington Post isn't that stupid - the anachronism is simply another way of lying to you.  This is actually a lie by the Associated Press, but the American media consistently lies about Hezbollah, most spectacularly in their utter misreporting of the content of Nasrallah's speeches.  The audacity of the lying makes is very clear how concerned World Jewry is about Hezbollah.

"Victory Of Hard Right Wing Nationalists Good For The Jews, British Pro-Shechita Advocate Claims"

Americans have a limit to the cheesiness they can tolerate:  "9/11 Museum Removes Commemorative Cheese Plate From Gift Shop"
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