Sunday, May 25, 2014

Riding the bus

"Fascism or the Bankruptcy of the Left?"

"Fearing divestment from Israel, Jewish orgs oppose divestment to halt global warming"  Though divestment from companies doing business with Iran is great.  Just another example of the wider corrupting influence of Zionism (the dynamics of violent group supremacism).

"Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream Of A Silicon Reich"  There will always be a market in the 1% for quasi-intellectual product to purport to back up what they want to do.

"Could This Be the Reason No One Showed Up To Overthrow the Government Last Friday?"  Is this a Cass Sunstein conspiracy stunt?

"Annals of Internal Medicine on Syrian sarin"

"Civilized countries: An unscientific thought experiment"  "Ahmadinejad"
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