Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tasteless crap

"Boston police officer wounded in Watertown shootout with bombing suspects dies on duty"  "Boston Cop Involved In Watertown Shootout Dies At 28":
"In a Boston Globe article, a law enforcement official who knew Simmonds, said he was a health nut and loved to do CrossFit, run road races, and play basketball, and that he was, “the picture of health.”

According to Boston police Sergeant Michael McCarthy, the “medical emergency” happened just after lunch, during in-service training at the Boston police academy in Hyde Park. He was taken to the hospital and died late Thursday night. No further explanation has been given as to how he died. He was only 28 years old."
"Lingering Questions Surround Circumstances Of Watertown Shootout"

Yet another mystery:  "Plymouth officer dies after on-duty motorcycle crash".  You'd think they could just ask the other officer who was there.

"Todashev’s Killer: No Wonder His Identity Was Secret"

"Autistic Hacker Helped FBI Nail Anonymous Boss"

"ISIS Destroys 3000 Year-old Assyrian Artifacts in Syria"

"The Tasteless Crap That Fills the 9/11 Museum Gift Shop"  Americans instinctively know when kitsch is the appropriate souvenir.
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