Saturday, May 03, 2014


Odessa is an outlier (and I have to wonder if a pro-Russian protest in a largely Ukrainian city was wise, or even whether it was a trick to cause problems), but the Ukrainian army attacks in Kramatorsk are potentially very serious.

  1. "Crocker tells CFR that US policy in Syria is a mistake";
  2. "The Homs Ceasefire Is a Symbolic Blow to Syria's Rebels";
  3. "Damascus by day and night: life:
    "While Damascus and environs are being pounded daily by terrorist mortars, and while the people have been enduring a brutal manufactured crisis for years, everyone I’ve met, everyone, just wants Syria to be back as it was. I walk the streets, shop in the souks, talk to cabbies, food vendors, people at celebrations… they all have said the same thing: Damascus 4 years ago was so safe, you could stay out till 5 am and not feel any danger. They’ve all said they want Syria united, they want the “foreign terrorists” out, and including opposition members our Peace Delegation met with, the vast majority (99% of the people I’ve talked to… Christian, Sunni, Shia, without religion…) have said they will vote for Bashar al-Assad in the upcoming elections, for a variety of reasons. The majority I’ve spoken with flat-out love him, others see him as a non-sectarian, unifying force, and the only force to combat the long-planned, imperialist-backed terrorism that plagues certain areas of Syria.

    I know that if I were to visit Jobar or Mleeha, a couple of the areas just outside the city from where the mortars that assault Damascus daily originate, I’d hear a different story. But I’d also risk being abducted, be-headed or any number of gruesome fates which I don’t need to test to know where the truth is."

"On the use of Chlorine by Al-Qa`idah terrorists: not in the New York Times or Washington Post"

"Liz Sly and WINEP: call it telepathy about the Hazm Movement"

"So who pioneered the use of barrel bombs? You guessed it: the Zionist terror gangs"

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