Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The vital glow-stick market

"How Putin Is Reinventing Warfare"  The American bias here is thick, but you have to admire the realization that the Americans have lost.

"Ukraine’s ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Reality" As always, I think overemphasis on the neo-Nazi angle is problematic (and unhelpfully plays into the propaganda stereotypes employed against the world by World Jewry).  Ukraine has a government which consists largely of the crooks who were kicked out in the last election, supplemented by some far right-wing goons.  The government is basically a kleptocracy, interested in theft rather than ideology.  The CIA has instructed them to use the neo-Nazi football hooligan goons as an army against Russian interests, an army which they can deny using.  Overemphasis on the political ideology of the goons is misleading.

"Israel Won’t Stop Spying on the U.S."  So many, many Israeli spies are caught driving white vans with chemical residues, the component chemicals of ecstasy.  For god's sake, will no one think of the American ecstasy supply!  Without the illegal Israeli work force, it could dry up, and with it the vital glow-stick market.

"Haim Saban to Beverly Hills Hotel owner: You can check out any time you like"  As always, the typical Jewish racket is the protection racket.  It is hilarious that the first thing Bibi did after the Zionist attack on Russia through the Ukraine is attempt to build an Israeli-Russian alliance.

"U.N. Probe Chief Doubtful on Syria Sarin Exposure Claims"  With the de-terrorization of Homs and the upcoming Assad victory in the Syrian election, the Americans have come to realize that they will have to re-integrate Assad into the world order, requiring a slow walk-back of the lies about chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

"How The US Gov't Destroyed The Lives Of A Muslim American Man's Entire Family After He Refused To Become An Informant"  Note how closely Americans follow the Israeli model of informant coercion.

"Were Top Managers at Neslté Connected to the Murder of a Colombian Union Activist?"

"Israeli archaeologist says he has found King David's citadel"  Certainly just a coincidence that the site is land the Jews are in the process of stealing.
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