Thursday, May 29, 2014

When elections make them sad

It is amazing how fast hings are moving:  "The future visible in St Petersburg" by Pepe Escobar:
"So this is what Washington gets for over a decade of wars, incessant bullying, nasty sanctions and trillions of misspent dollars."
The Chinese and Russians are moving on multiple hugely important fronts simultaneously, leaving the hapless Barry gasping for air.

The Angry Arab had a great deal of fun yesterday over the dismay by the Zio-American media at the Syrian elections (see here or here or here or here).

"A Ukrainian friend posted this on FB"

"The State Department’s Ukraine Fiasco" Note that Parry still blames the neocons, and the sole motive for this fiasco is Israeli:
"It may be understandable at some level that the still-powerful neocons saw the Ukraine wedge as a useful tool in splintering the Putin-Obama cooperation that had eased tensions over Syria and Iran – two of the neocons’ top targets for “regime change” – but it remains a mystery how anyone could think that the Ukraine adventure has served U.S. national interests."

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