Monday, May 19, 2014

Why is Newsweek now a bit different?

Remove the dollar as the de facto world reserve currency, and many of our problems will take care of themselves.  The Americans will no longer be able to afford the Wars For The Jews or propping up the Temporary Zionist Entity, and they will no longer be able to use sanctions and pushing their 'allies' around to get their way.

"The Latest Document From the Snowden Trove Highlights Israeli Spying" (or here).   Note that Newsweek was recently bought out from under the Jew-controlled media monopoly by a group connected with American evangelicals (who themselves are finally drifting away from Zionism).

"Israeli mission at the UN"  As we all should know by now, international law is an anti-Semitic trick, and does not apply to Jews.

"Additional evidence confirms that Oswald's escape from Dealey Plaza via public transportation was a fiction."

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