Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wise nugget

"A Very Brief History Of Chinese Russian Relations"  I think it is funny that Americans have to pretend not to notice the New World Order as noticing it would require noticing how it happened, and noticing how it happened would require noticing the role of World Jewry and the fact that real American interests were completely ignored in the Ukrainian fiasco.

"After Google bought Nest, it removed one of the company’s biggest competitors from search results"  "Google’s webspam head says Pando’s reporting “silly,” wants you to know Google is totally transparent"  Google can only pull these stunts until it wrecks its reputation for producing objective search results. 


"Google AdSense's Idiotic And Hypocritical Morality Police Force Us To Remove Ads On News Stories"  Google kicked me off AdSense as the picture to the right offended their policies against violent content.  I appealed and got nowhere.

"Israel Eavesdropped on President Clinton’s Diplomatic Phone Calls"  The American mainstream media that isn't Jew-controlled, and used solely for the purposes of furthering the goals of violent Jewish group supremacism, consists now of Newsweek and McClatchy.  This sad state of affairs will continue until people start talking about it.

"Wise nugget of the day"  We can't fight our enemies as they might get mad at us if they find out about it.
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