Monday, June 16, 2014

A teaching moment

Americans are are slowing learning.

Iraq is beset with an Islamist army of medieval cruelty.  They are establishing in Iraq an actual country as a base for terrorist operations around the world, especially against American interests.

How can this possibly be?  Wasn't Saddam attacked as part of the 'war on terror'?  Wasn't Iraq attacked in order to remove the terrorist threat to the United States?  Of course, the truth is that Saddam posed absolutely no threat to the United States, and was in fact a bulwark against the Islamists, something you wouldn't see anywhere in the lying Jew-controlled mainstream media at the time, and removing him actually increased the terrorist threat, and allowed the current disaster to occur.

Oh, and who finances this new medieval state?  Prince Bandar and the Saudi princes (some of whom, you'll remember, financed a guy called Osama bin Laden!).  And Kuwaiti princes, who of course were bailed out by the United States in the Gulf War when they were trying to steal oil from Iraq!!

And who should pop up to add their advice and recriminations?  The same collection of Jews who lied to trick Americans into attacking Iraq in the first place!

The new terrorist state rolls all the contradictions of neoconservatism into one neat ball that nobody can fail to understand.  The Jews have tricked Americans into fighting Wars For the Jews to remove any possible opponents to their plan for a Jewish state across the Middle East, and are now following up by using the Yinon plan to break each remaining part into the smallest possible warring statelets, based on the creation of Sunni terror states.  This is an appallingly cruel plan, and is in complete contradiction to real American interests.

Oh, and who is going to save the United States from this mess?  Of course, the mortal enemy (or so sez Bibi), Iran!
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