Friday, June 13, 2014

As the chickens come home to roost, a natural alliance becomes obvious


"Conspiracy theory? "al-Shishani served in the US-funded Georgian army, rising to the rank of sergeant""

"Human Rights Watch: in praise of ISIS"  Wow!

"A powerful and merciless force has emerged on the world stage"  "The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch"  The natural and almost inevitable Iranian-American alliance.  Will ZOG be able to block it?

"Blaming Obama for Iraq’s Chaos" (Parry).

"Still in Bed"

"Enter Ken Pollack and Tom Friedman– the Iraq experts!"

Note that the inability to grasp - or even talk about! - the role of World Jewry and ZOG in the long, long line of Wars For The Jews has not only permanently wrecked the United States, but is leading to the dangerous insanity of attacking the Islamists in Iraq while supporting them in Syria.  World Jewry is also still trying to block the necessary Iranian nuclear negotiations!  It is now more than ever critical for Americans to know, and attack, their real enemies.
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