Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not subtle

From the simply hilarious Zionist National Post, the world's worst newspaper:  "Iran’s ‘anti-Canada rhetoric’ has officials on guard for possible Ottawa area terror attacks"

Back in reality (the suddenly new reality):  "UK to re-open Iran embassy says Hague"

"Impeach Tony Blair: As Iraq burns, Parliament should put this deluded liar on trial, writes SIMON HEFFER":
"In Britain, impeachment is the process by which the House of Commons votes to have someone, usually but not inevitably a high public official, put on trial before the House of Lords for alleged crimes, or for criminally damaging the public interest.

A Select Committee of MPs draws up the evidence to take this serious step, and would provide prosecutors to pursue the case before the Lords.

A simple majority is required to convict, at which point a sentence can be passed, which could, in theory, involve Tony Blair being sent to prison.

The defendant can have his own legal representation, and the case can be presented in every bit as much detail as in a court of law."

You might have thought that all this NSA snooping might have created some intelligence on Iraq, but, yet again, the Americans were caught completely flat-footed.  Every day Barry wakes up to a completely surprising world of wonder.  "ISIS and the U.S. security state--the most disconcerting story you'll read this year"

I'll bet you missed this (as you were supposed to):  "US Senate confirms ex-BoI head Stanley Fischer, two other nominees for Fed"

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