Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Whitney and Engdahl on the oddities of ISIS; Madsen on the situation in Ukraine.

There are parallels.  Both operations have deep roots.  American destabilizing operations in Eastern Europe have been going on since the Soviet days, and more recently have been quietly chugging along, more of a gnat-like nuisance to people like Putin than anything serious.  Part of the ISIS team was trained by Americans in Jordan, and the ISIS leadership is very suspicious.

The oddities need an explanation, but the explanation is obviously not an American government  conspiracy at the Obama-Kerry level.  The American response in each case is simply too off-the-cuff and weak.  Kerry is in the middle of one of the most embarrassing foreign tours of an American Secretary of State ever (the sentencing of the journalists in Egypt was Sisi spitting in Kerry's huge face), and Obama has nothing constructive to offer (an empire that has no answers is no longer an empire).  Meanwhile, Putin is using the opening caused by American clumsiness, looking east, south and west, to build a New World Empire.

In both Ukraine and Iraq, a quiet operation that wasn't going anywhere was turned around in a hurry by operatives working below the highest levels, in both cases against real American interests, in both cases leaving the high-level American response flat-footed and embarrassingly ineffectual, and in both cases working for the interests of the Zionist Empire.  There is only one explanation for the lack of information at the top.  Treason.
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