Monday, June 30, 2014

Plain dumb policy

"Israel" by Ian Welsh

"Russia Reveals "Plan B": Gazprom Says Gas Transit Via Ukraine May Be Stopped Completely"  Ukrainian unreliability is proven and about to get worse, so this is no surprise at all, and, despite what they say for American consumption, I'm sure the Europeans are quietly happy with the Austrians.

The scum who signed this vile anti-peace letter should not be trusted on any matter under any circumstances, ever.

"The New Caliphate Unite The Middle East Against It?"  I'm starting to wonder if the CIA training these monsters received was in drama, as they are the most theatrical bunch of crazies we've seen in a while.

"Netanyahu endorses Kurdish independence citing chaos in Iraq"  Jews are so arrogant as they know they can call for Yinon without anybody daring to mention what they are up to.

"The Dirty Truth About Clean Energy"

"Choosing enemies, propaganda, regime change and plain dumb policy - by Confusedponderer"

"The New Yorker on Ukraine: Instead of Sy Hersh, Keith Gessen" Gessen is the brother of the notorious World War G propagandist Masha Gessen.

"Three Ukrainian Men Arrested in Brewster County"  "Ukrainians arrested after crossing border illegally"  They shifted their spying operation from Mexico to the US.

"Don't repeat mistakes that led to Superweeds"

"Are Canadians worth $20K a year, guaranteed?"  "Vancity offers alternative to payday loans"

"US pressured Denmark to close Kurdish TV so Rasmussen would become NATO chief – lawyer"  No wonder Rasmussen is such a tool.
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