Sunday, June 01, 2014

Price tags

"Translation of the "must read" article of explaining why there is no Russian intervention in the Ukraine" (this is smart throughout, refreshing in the age of wall-to-wall Zio-lies):
"The final touch. In recent months, the U.S. has slowed down the work of its printing press, reducing the "pump-priming" (this especially simplifies the formulation) from 85 to 55 billion dollars a month. Very many expect (e.g., that the machine will turn off completely by the end of this year. Again, in that same December. This is due to the fact that the dollar, though it is the main international currency, cannot be printed endlessly - it is impossible. According to various estimates, the United States has almost entirely used up the "resource strength" of the dollar, which allowed them to do the naughty with the (financial) machine. Moreover, the corollary and inevitable effect of such tricks is reducing rates on U.S. bonds, which, on the one hand, helps Washington to pay less for its debts, but, on the other hand, is actually choking the entire U.S. pension and insurance system that is built on the expectation of very different returns from their portfolios bonds. Roughly speaking, by the end of the year, the U.S. will have a choice between to blowing up their social system in order to keep on printing, or greatly reducing their appetites in order to preserve any chance of stability at home. Judging by the reduction in the amount of dollars being thrown into the system, Washington has decided that preventing an explosion is more important than its foreign policy ambitions. "
"What Would Happen to Snowden If He Returned to USA?"

"eBay Shrugged: Pierre Omidyar believes there should be no philanthropy without profit"  Omidyar isn't just an ultra-right-wing crank, he's an extremely dangerous fascist ultra-right-wing crank with a thin but well-hyped veneer of intellectual respectability.  See also:
  1. "Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of a Silicon Reich"
  2. "Capitalists, Technocrats and Fanatics: The Ascent of a New Power Bloc"

"Venezuela: A plan for coup d'état and assassination of Maduro"

"Drone strikes in Pakistan: Most US drone strikes in Pakistan attack houses"

"Israel’s First US Espionage and Smuggling Network" by Grant F. Smith

"Quick Thoughts: Salah Mohsen on 'Price-Tag' Attacks Against Palestinians"
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