Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The destruction of Iraq: Cui bono?

The advantages to the Zionist Empire of the current situation in Iraq:
  1. the break-up of Iraq into three statelets following the Yinon plan, thus wrecking another potential Israeli opponent;
  2. the general Jewish plan of tricking gentiles into fighting one another;
  3. the removal of Maliki, considered to be too close to Iran (and replacement with log-time Israeli stooge Chalabi, big pal of Richard Perle, currently being carefully talked up by the usual neocons);
  4. the weakening of Iran by removing Iraq as an ally;
  5. the blocking of supply lines between Iran and Syria/Hezbollah through the creation of the new Sunni terror state;
  6. support for Sunni terrorists fighting the Syrian people;
  7. the use of the new Sunni terror state as a base for operations against Iranian interests and as a base for terrorist attacks worldwide to continue the Israeli propaganda idea of the Global War On Terror;
  8. the establishment of the new state of Kurdistan, a firm Israeli ally (which happens to be approximately where the Kharzars, the ancestors of the Jews who run Israel, lived);
  9. the opening of oil supply lines between Kurdistan and Israel (the Kurdish ability to independently ship oil was disputed by the Iraqi government).
The advantages to the American Empire of the current situation in Iraq:
  1. Zero.
Actually, the increase in oil prices, with a very delicate American economy under control by Jewish/Israeli regulators, could create an utter disaster for the United States.  It is laughable that some think the Sunni terror state is an American, rather than a Jewish/Saudi, conspiracy.

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