Monday, June 09, 2014


"Saker rant: Please tell me my worst fears will not come true!"  "My rant tonight - okay, I will try to clarify further"  He needs to take a pill.  Nothing has changed.

"No changes to South Stream gas pipeline – Serbian Prime Minister" "Bulgaria halts work on Gazprom gas pipeline"  You thought Bulgaria was a sovereign country but John McCain doesn't think so.

"Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl?"  Is this the real reason for the assassination?  I'm reminded of Pat Tillman, and the extreme sensitivity of the US military to PR problems involving morale in immoral wars.

"For US foreign policy, 'left' and 'right' have little meaning"  An oddity largely explained by ZOG.

"Please Stop Worshipping the Superstar Professor Who Calls Students “Boring Idiots”"  Slavoj Žižek, the ultra-Zionist hero of 'progressives'.

"Leading Alarmist on Iran Ignored What He Knew Was True" This Zionist warmongering crap has been going on now for years.

"Obama’s Syrian Policy Vetoed by Assad Election Victory"  It is as if Syria had a referendum on whether Barry should stop murdering the Syrian people.

"Pope sacks whole board of Vatican bank watchdog"  Francis better be careful - this is how you get yourself killed.

"Russian propaganda machine 'worse than Soviet Union'"  The BBC is hilariously lacking in self-awareness.

"Hoard d’Oeuvres:  Art of the 1 percent":
"Bernie Madoff’s prized piece of office art was a four-foot sculpture of a screw that he frequently dusted off himself (he, like Donald Trump and scores of other plutocrats, is a notorious neat freak). A defense lawyer pleaded for the valued object to be photoshopped out of court documents, lest it be prejudicial to members of the jury."
""Anti-homeless floor spikes" in London. What a world."

"That Great Passport Doodle Story? Yep, a Fake"
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