Sunday, June 29, 2014

We owe them so much

"Action Alert: Tell Your Rep to Defend El Salvador’s Family Farmers!"

"Elbit: Exporting Oppression from Palestine to Latin America"

"The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream"  While we've been hearing a lot about neocon lies about Saddam these days, this set of whoppers is all on Barry and Hillary.

"Maliki Compromised CIA Spies in Iraq for Years"  Weird lament that Iraq practices counterintelligence against CIA spying, and is quite good at it.

"CIA Officer Paul Zalucky":
"Historical Note – It was CIA Officer Paul Zalucky who filled the dead drop for it’s Russian agent, KGB Officer Leonid Polischuk. The KGB knew that Zalucky was a CIA Officer long before his arrival in Moscow, further proof of a “Fourth Mole” in the CIA who has never been caught and may still be walking CIA hallways to this very day.
CIA continues to prop up the story that Leonid Polischuk was betrayed by Aldrich Ames, but this is simply not true. CIA still refuses to believe that a fourth mole still exists and may still be active, or was flipped by the CIA to work against it’s handlers. Final conclusion, KGB Officer Polischuk was betrayed before Aldrich Ames began leaking information."
"Canada's Supreme Court Penalizes Walmart for Closing Store After Workers Unionized"  If the penalty is big enough, the Walmart strategy of simply closing the store to stop unionization will no longer work in Canada.

"Saudi Arabia and ISIS"  The various spins on Saudi funding of wholesale terrorism are funny.

"PHOTOS: Asylum seekers march out of 'open prison,' demand resettlement"  The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that a group of violent group supremacists might act like moral, decent human beings.

"Israeli methods"  Jews actually invented such famous and awful things as bus bombings, and indeed the modern concept of terrorism itself.  As they keep telling us, we owe them so much.
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