Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Tweet (J):
"John Kerry spoke to about . I wonder if they replied by asking about & Grand Jury?"
John 'Cavity Search' Kerry probably needs Putin's help in dealing with Sisi, hence the big walk-back on MH17: "The most pathetic case of backpedaling I have seen in my life"

"Osama bin Laden in the Wall Street Journal"  "Wall Street Journal Argument that Gazan Civilians Aren’t Innocent Is the Exact Same One Bin Laden Used To Justify 9/11" We really need to remove all Khazar logic from our political thinking.

Most impotant thing to remember, always:  "international law and HRW":
"Also, Geneva convention does not apply to resistance groups. It applies to states which are signatories to those agreements.  For resistance groups, the law of self-defense and national liberation apply."
We need a #badhasbara hashtag. Tweet (StandWithUs):
"Sirens in "
'You can pick up your check at the door': "UN chief expresses condolences to Israeli regime".  He's been everywhere but Gaza.

Perhaps the main problem with the mass slaughtering by the temporary government of Occupied Palestine is that Hamas has had throughout and for some time now a perfectly reasonable ceasefire/truce proposal on the table, and the Khazars have ignored it (not to mention that it is always the Khazars who break any ceasefire):  "The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce"
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