Monday, July 28, 2014

Errant media

The latest filthy trick of the murderin' Jews and their Jew-controlled media is to blame all their massacres on 'errant' Hamas rockets, even in the face of eye-witnesses to the contrary.

"Monday Updates (From the Top) on Gaza-israel Tragedy" (Mitchell):
". . . a NBC News journalist witnessed the attack on the hospital and said it had been fired by an Israeli drone--this attribution, oddly, removed from a revised NBC story, which now highlights Israel's denials.  ("Early reports from the ground said an Israeli drone was responsible for the attack.")"
Tweet (Nima Shirazi):
"Despite their own journalist witnessing Israeli drone, scrubs responsibility from report on Shifa attack:"
Tweet (Dell Cameron):
"NBC journalist witnessed Israeli drone attack Shifa Hospital in , which contradicts IDF claims:"

"Israel Says Hamas Is Responsible for Deadly Attack On Gaza Park" (Khazargawker)

Tweet (Dr.Bassel Abuwarda):
"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME IDF says: Al-Shifa Hospital and Al-Shati Camp were struck by failed rocket attacks launched by Hamas !"

On the previous example of this at the United Nations school:  "Sunday Updates (Added at Top) on Israel-Gaza Tragedy"  (Mitchell). 

Note that once the IDF allegations arrive, no matter how self-contradictory, contradicted by the evidence or by witnesses, the Jew-controlled media immediately stops investigating and takes the position that the issue is too complicated to figure out with all the 'competing claims'.  "New York Times Reporters Avoid Investigative Journalism When Covering Israel’s Bombing of UN-Run School" by  Kevin Gosztola.

NBC actually got caught red-handed in assisting the IDF by attempting to blind-side an UNWRA spokesman with this kind of Israeli propaganda:  "The Shame of David Gregory--and 'NYT'" (Mitchell).  Tweet (Chris Gunness):
"NBC asked me live 2 comment on video I couldn't see & then issued a correction 2 question with a false allegation RT )"

I suppose I don't need to point out that these latest massacres have nothing whatsoever to do with the Hamas tunnels that Bibi claims he is after.  This is genocide/collective punishment/sadism/the essential Evil of the Khazars, take your pick.
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