Monday, July 14, 2014

Heroes and zeroes

Joe Catron is an American serving as a human shield in Shifa hospital in Gaza.  The (extremely optimistic) hope is that the chance of slaughtering an American will deter the Jews from shelling a hospital.  His tweets are worth following.

"Supplies exhausted at Gaza hospitals, but not medical workers’ commitment"

Tweet from Omar Ghraieb:  "Types of explosions we hear: 1- Sudden blast. 2- hear missile falling then blast. 2nd type is psychologically better. "

And:  "I cant believe that U can actually feel better hearing the missile fall. It feels crazy 2 write it but its true. "

And:  "I know its crazy but hearing a missile fall (anticipating death) is better than a sudden blast where U just get blown up! "

"Gaza report: War against civilians"  "In Gaza, there is scant time to flee the bombs and 'no place is safe'"  "MOH: Crisis looms in Gaza health sector, int'l community must act"

"Right-wingers attack leftists in Tel Aviv demonstration:  Demonstrators attacked with clubs after rocket siren sounded; one man rushed to hospital; Police make no arrests.":
"Israeli rapper Yoav Eliasi, known by the stage-name "The Shade," was spotted among the right-wingers and later thanked his fellow activists for showing up, noting members of the Beitar Jerusalem F.C. fanclub, among others. "Together we're a force against the real enemy among us, the radical left, and thanks to my guys who are apparently called the lions, and thanks to the IDF, all this is for you!" he wrote on his Facebook page."

Frum tweet.  Actually worse than I expected.

Tweet:  "Israeli officials admit to destroying Hamas members' homes even when no weapons inside "  "Israeli airstrikes hit UNRWA stockrooms, civilians’ homes"

"Dwight Howard Has Actual Opinion, Promptly Apologizes For It"

"Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook"

Tweet:  "All relaxed and smoking while they watch Israel bomb Gaza and innocents being murdered. Shameless."

Tweet:  "Headline makes you think it's a fair fight - Israel and Palestinians continue to trade strikes LA Times"

"More Misleading Coverage at 'NYT'"

"As Gaza deaths mount, UK media leads world trend to criticize Israel"  Tweet from Peter Beaumont.
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