Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No exit/careerist sociopaths

IMF alternative/New World Order:  "Anti-Dollar Alliance Prepares Launch Of BRICS Bank"  "BRICS against Washington consensus"  "Russia wipes out Cuban debt"

Thanks yet again, Jews!:  "No exit from Gaza: A new war crime?" by Richard Falk

"Iranian Sanctions Have Cost U.S. Economy Up to $175 Billion, Study Says"  Oh, and I guess you know who's going to pay for rebuilding all those buildings and infrastructure in Gaza that World Jewry is blowing up.  Kosher Tax 2 (or 3, or 17, or 178, or 6,000,000).

Ha!  ZOGGITY, ZOG, ZOG, ZOG!!!  Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Can someone explain to me the logic of inviting Israel's ambassador to ? Is it to haze the Muslims amoral enough to attend?"

". . . all seven judges agreed that material support for terrorism is not a war crime triable by military commission, even for a defendant who forfeited his defenses at trial."  Hicks out.  Somebody owes him a shitload of money.

Gellmann (2nd NSA source):
"There have been stories published in Germany that are not attributed to Snowden, and that do not have the byline of any journalist who received documents from Snowden. I suspect they come from a different source, but I have no hard information to confirm that."

"Swartz's death matters because it illustrates a fundamental truth about modern American politics. He wanted nothing more than to build, to make our society better, to heal the sick and turn swords into ploughshares. He did what all great activists and dissidents do, which is to show where our own rhetoric falls short, and point us towards a brighter path. At other moments in history, we would have protected our young, and recognized that they seek to build a better world. But our institutions—corporate, academic, and political—are, by and large, run by careerist sociopaths, and these people decided it's more important to take out the Aaron Swartzs of the world than to admit their own error."

Tweet (JLLLOW) (S-no!-wden):
 "what happened here"

Tweet (Lisa Goldman) (Iraq and Iran!!!):
"RT @Ali_Gharib: This is really something. Even Goldman Sachs folks were stunned at what a horrific person Cheney is."
"Norwegian Physician Treating Wounded Civilians: Stop the Bombing, End Israeli Impunity in Gaza"  He'll have to keep coming back until we put a stop to the violence of World Jewry.

The last 'ceasefire':  "#GazaUnderAttack | Nov 27, 2013 | Full List of 287 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated"  "Hamas did not reject a ceasefire, Israel did"

"Understanding The Permanence Of Greater Israel"  Therefore, one state solution (politically ruled by Palestinians) or genocide/apartheid.

The Egyptian (Blair?) trick:  "Israel seeks legitimation to continue attack on Gaza"

"Global totalitarianism: Change not forbidden, change is impossible" by Claudio Gallo
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