Monday, July 07, 2014

Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorders

"The Israeli nation collectively mourns - but why?"  The great moral failure of our time is the inability - or dogged unwillingness (often on the 'left' an unwillingness that has been bought and paid for) - to recognize what violent group supremacism looks like.

No Snowden dump:  "Yeah, John was a dick and got drunk and lied"

"Chomsky and BDS"  Noam's incoherent flipping is sad, but also encouraging, as it proves that World Jewry is terrified of the emerging change in attitude of the rest of the world towards the violent racist supremacism of the Jewish people.

"The Moral Economy of Settler Colonialism: Israel and the “Evacuation Trauma”"  You have to love how supremacists turn everything into an issue of how they are feeling.  As in:  "Making your child drink gasoline and then setting him on fire is making me feel slightly conflicted."  Golda!  "Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorders"!

"Germany Getting Ready To Divorce U.S. Ally" OR "The German government is acting on it´s own accord as an accomplice, not a vassal of US strategy"?
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