Saturday, July 05, 2014

Plot idea

"Burned Alive"  It must have been extremely difficult for Judy Rudoren to keep from writing that the Jews just wanted him to be warm and comfortable when he died (but note she can't help repeating thew utterly graceless 'honor killing' lie).

"It’s reported that Palestinian eyewitnesses took down the license plate of the getaway vehicle.  They also have videotape of the actual abduction.  Israel knew within two days of the Hebron kidnapping the identity of the suspected kidnappers.  I’m willing to bet the Shabak knows who killed Mohamed.  Every day they do not catch them is another day of shame for Israel."

"Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?"

Snowden Two?:  "The NSA may have another leaker on its hands"

"The fall of President Bling-Bling: Driven from police cells at 2am, Sarkozy - the French peacock who married a supermodel and lived like a king - faces ten years amid lurid claims he took millions from Gaddafi"

"The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities"  I'm just curious about what Willie Wonka is thinking.  The Ukrainian government is conducting war crimes and crimes against humanity against civilians on a massive scale.  Ukraine is going down the shitter, and Willie will be out of politics soon.  In a few years, the world will be run by the BRICS, and Willie won't have any protection, either inside or outside Ukraine.  He will go to jail for these crimes.

"NDP’s anti-Palestine sentiment is part of a much wider problem"  It is impossible to be anti-Palestinian, or pro-Israeli, and be progressive.  Impossible.

"Syria conflict: UK planned to train and equip 100,000 rebels"

Plot idea.
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