Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reviving debate

They brought Anne Barnard from the important lying-about-Syria beat (where the Angry Arab made terrible fun of her constant lying almost every day), to the more important job of Zionist bullshit production:  "Israel Says That Hamas Uses Civilian Shields, Reviving Debate"

Imagine!  Israel locks civilians in a cage, and bombs and shells them to death, and somehow it is the fault of Hamas for using human shields.  Often, the Jews tell the Palestinian civilians where to take refuge, and then bomb the refuge.  They bomb houses, apartment buildings, mosques, hospitals and schools.  They commit mass murder every day.  This kind of argument is chutzpah of the highest order. You might talk about the concept of human shields in the concept of a war, but this is simply and without question just a mass Jewish murder spree.

Also never forget that international law, which apparently does not apply to Khazars, prohibits - absolutely prohibits - any attacks on Gaza by Israel.  Israel's sole duty as occupier is to protect Gaza.

The military wing of Hamas is the army of national liberation of the Palestinian people of Gaza, and as such quite properly lives among the Palestinian people, in stark contrast to the collaborators of the Palestinian Authority living in their protected mansions in Ramallah.  A large part of the current popularity of Hamas is based on the fact that its fighters are living under the same absolutely illegal Khazar bombs as the civilians of Gaza.
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