Monday, July 21, 2014

Telegenically Dead Palestinians

"‘Telegenically Dead Palestinians’: Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War" I don't really agree with this. The Jew-controlled media has reached spectacular new lows of mendacity. The truth is sneaking in, but mostly through Twitter. I suspect Twitter will have to be shut down ('couldn't make any money with that business model').

Yesterday, big massacre, as if they are afraid they are running out of killing time.  Today, direct attack on a working hospital. Destruction of health infrastructure is clearly part of the Khazar plan:  "#GazaUnderAttack | WARCRIME | Health Ministry: 25 health institutions demolished in the Israeli aggression"

Tweet (Michael Arria):
"Your daily reminder that is a horrible person. "

"Soda Stream in the occupied West Bank fired 60 Palestinian employees in an act of collective punishment"  The big hasbara argument was the employment of these very Palestinians!

Tweet (Saladin Ahmed):
"So if Al Qaeda had sent texts like this right before blowing up WTC, that would have made it ok, right? ht "
I think the worst thing about living under ZOG is that the Khazars force us to accept their twisted sense of morality, the complete opposite of real morality.  These ridiculous sadistic 'warnings', completely useless as real warnings, are supposed to be evidence of an illusive Jewish goodness.   "First Dog on the Moon on ... the attack on Gaza"

I notice a lot of the tweeters call Israel 'Israel', an indication of its illegitimacy.  I think we should start calling it by its real name, Occupied Palestine.
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