Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The aliens beneath

Tweet (Alan Dershowitz):
"Cheering explosions that end human lives! Thank you for shining a light on the Palestinian culture of death: "
Tweet (David Frum):
"Hamas: “We’re the victims, because our indiscriminate rocket fire in the war we started isn’t killing as many civilians as we expected.”"
Jeffrey Goldberg: "Is Hamas Trying to Get Gazans Killed?"

The façade that fools us into thinking they are just like the rest of us, moral and decent people, is falling away, revealing the very alien identity of vicious violent racist group supremacists.  This is the opposite of good hasbara, revealing how they really feel, and emphasizing the deep, deep, deep immorality of the Jewish position, profoundly foreign to human beings.  They might as well be from another planet.
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