Friday, July 25, 2014

The United Nations school massacre

It is the height of Khazar chutzpah - but also an indication that the obviousness of their pure evil and the fact they are conducting a massive war against all gentiles which they intend in win by any means necessary - that the Jew-controlled media continues with this elaborate and already disproved lie that somehow Hamas bombed the United Nations school:
  1. IDF tweet
  2. "A Disgraceful Day for the 'Paper Of Record'" (contains all the obvious rebuttals to the Jewlies)
  3. "Blasts Kill 16 Seeking Haven at Gaza School"
  4. "Confusion over who was behind strike on UN shelter in Gaza"
  5. "Zionist dictionary"
World Jewry has been bombing collections of civilians taking refuge, and bombing schools, as part of a planned strategy.  The Jew-controlled media is just part of the Khazar army.

Added:  I forgot to add that this crap is also in 972, which, despite the fact it seems to publish some good stuff, should be avoided like the plague.

Added :  "NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it"  It is not just that the Hamas-did-it story is a bare-faced lie, it is a ridiculous bare-faced lie, contradicted by the IDF admission itself, and the fact there were five rockets involved.
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