Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The world moves quickly now

"Kerry, aides checked by security at Egyptian presidential palace"  The one good thing about Sisi is that he continues to treat Kerry as a sack of shit.

"Israeli ambassador calls Al-Sisi a "national hero for all Jews""  I don't know if he said it but it is true.

"What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17" by Ron Paul.  He means the total info ban from the Jew-controlled mainstream media, so Gawker's counter of a piece from Vice tells you more about Gawker's lack of integrity that Paul's alleged craziness.

"Game Changer" Irresponsible cold-war-mongering, with an incompetent grasp of the facts (and a simply bizarre mischaracterization of the Novorussian military leader, who is doing a hell of a job against an actual army).  This is exactly the kind of obtuse warmongering Marshall would probably make fun of if it was one of the stupidities that led to WWI, or some Republican nonsense during the Cold War, or anything John McCain might be saying today.  I've rewritten the last paragraph to refer to Marshall himself :
"In a paradoxical way, I think the future ramifications of this are almost greater because it is about Josh Marshall's recklessness and bumbling than it would be if it were more clearly a matter of intent. This is a f'-up on Marshall's part of almost mind-boggling proportions. Yes, a tragedy. Yes, perhaps an atrocity. But almost more threatening, a screw up. Malign intent is one thing. So is aggression. But goofs of this magnitude by someone who controls a Obama ass-kissing website are in a way more threatening."

The oddest thing about MH17 is that the Americans have satellite pictures of the incident, and must therefore know exactly what happened, yet are painting the entire problem as one of Putin's intransigence at getting at the evidence, and the Jew-controlled media is playing this up (of course, the entire Ukraine coup was a Jewish operation to weaken Putin, so this is no shock):  "What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?"

"From Gaza to Donetsk" (Saker).  It's all part of the larger Khazar-gentile war of 1945-?  Similar mass atrocities against gentile civilians are completely covered up by the Jew-controlled media, with some information getting out through other means.

Tweet (Mona Eltahawy):
"RT : Unreal. This WSJ op-ed on Gaza explicitly calls for war crimes "

There is an incredible amount of 'journalist' pro-Zionist warmongering over Gaza, some of which constitutes actionable crimes under international law.

Tweet (Julia Wong):
"author, apparently an NYU prof, suggests that Gazan CHILDREN are not innocent if their parents have certain views "
Tweet (Omar Robert Hamilton):
"The world moves quickly now, and standing with Israel will soon be understood to be no different than riding with the KKK."
Apt, as the common ground is violent racist group supremacism.

Tweet (JLLLOW):
"The deploys snipers against first responders in Gaza: | This is a war crime."
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