Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tweets on the slaughter

Some tweets (I've linked to the first word in each tweet that isn't a Twitter address or hashtag):
  1. "Because memories are short. On 29 June, Israel killed a Hamas member in . On 30 June, this headline: Hamas fires rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say" (Ben White).  Palestinian violence is always a reaction to Jewish violence.
  2. "We must never allow moral relativism to act as cover for the indiscriminate attacks on we have seen over the past 8 days." (John Baird).  Note the responses.
  3. "For Palestinians to have called up Adelson, he would have to first, you know, acknowledge that Palestinians exist. " (Gal Beckerman).  Responding to surreal hasbara on Sheldon building casinos in Gaza.
  4. "People saying Palestinians need a Mandela. Israelis would shoot him, then bomb him & then blame him for living near rocket sites"  (Real Change Possible)
  5. ". Are you saying Hamas infiltrated the IDF and is using the Israeli military to wage an unprovoked war of aggression? Huge, if true" (Sam Knight).  The Jews, with their quintessential gracelessness, are trying to blame their slaughter of the boys on the beach on Hamas.
  6. "Brazen liars: "An Israeli official said the shelling was another example of Hamas using civilians as human shields" " (Alex Kane)
  7. " I'm so sorry for you more Jews aren't dead, since that would make you feel better, obviously" (John Podhoretz)  John Podhoretz follows the bizarre Frum attempt to paint the world's disgust - and in particular the fact that Israel has no justification for this mass civilian slaughter - as Jew-hatred.
  8. " Podhoretz: "The kids that the IDF murdered on that beach looked fully adult."" (Dan)  A well-received jab at Podhoretz.
  9. " -- Another way of saying, "Not enough Jews killed." Thanks for you feedback."  (Neil Steinberg)  Frum again.
  10. "Hamas won a "slight majority" in the '06 PLC election says 's . It won 74 seats to Fatah's 45" (Degenerate Gandhi)  Jews are lying at a desperate rate, even beating their usual standards.
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