Sunday, August 03, 2014


I'm sorry, but if it is all over but for the closing of the last tunnels - the alleged reason for the mass slaughter, or at least the most recent one - why are the Jews still conducting mass slaughter of people taking refuge in UN schools?:  "Israeli air strike hits UN school in Gaza"

"Shooting and crying"  I don't give lite Zionists this much credit.  I think it is largely a trick to deceive gentiles into thinking there is some kind of shared moral sense.  There isn't.

 "‘Kidnapped’ Israeli soldier actually was killed in action, military says"  The Americans blamed the end of the so-called ceasefire on Hamas.  That blame was outrageous, based as it was on the assumption that Hamas was supposed to lie down and give up defending Gaza while the Jews continued their murderous rampages, but it was all just another lie so the mass murder of civilians could continue (see the school attack linked above).  By the way, it is quite possible that he was captured alive, and then blown to smithereens in the subsequent Hannibal operation, and this new story is to deflect entreaties by the family to keep looking for him.  See also:  "Timeline Does Not Fit the Claim that Hamas Broke Friday’s Ceasefire"

"Precision of the Palestinian Resistance"  I know it is fashionable to dump all over Hamas, but haven't they behaved in an exemplary fashion, both morally and militarily, throughout?  True heroes.  In rather marked contrast to the true devils of World Jewry.

Greatest American ally ever:  "Report: Israel spied on Kerry during peace talks moderation"

"Even more rockets and wilder speculation"  This is mostly the usual crap, but I am intrigued by the idea that this entire operation was about the fact that Hamas now has access to more sophisticated anti-tank weapons.
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