Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bibi's Peace Plan

Bibi has a simple problem.  He started a slaughter and he didn't achieve anything from it.  Jews around the world are positively ecstatic at the mass murder and destruction, but Bibi's failure will hit home if negotiations give any benefits to Hamas or the people of Gaza.  Any agreement that Hamas would accept won't be acceptable to either Bibi's cabinet - from whom Bibi attempted to hide the extent of the concessions! - or the Israeli Jews.

The end of the truce was blamed on Hamas by Israel, citing a resumption of rocket attacks.  Suspicious.  Israel always breaks any truce first, Hamas denies breaking the truce (and what motive would it have?), and the usual siren procedure to warn of rockets in Israel seems to have been manipulated:
"As the terrorists renewed their attacks, a troubling pattern was observed in the rocket warning sirens.
In the first round of three rockets on Be'er Sheva no sirens were sounded ahead of the strikes. Shortly afterwards sirens were sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council area, only for the IDF to clarify that the sirens were a false alarm."
So what was Bibi's peace plan? Get a big 'win' he could bring back to his cabinet and the Israeli people. Once he had his 'win', he could proclaim the entire operation a success, and get an agreement with Hamas. The 'win' out of the latest round of Israeli mass murder was to be the targeted assassination of Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif, but the Jews just managed to slaughter his wife and daughter.  Does Bibi have a Plan B?
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