Wednesday, August 27, 2014


"Something is fishy about this story"

"Possible airstrikes in Syria raise more questions":
"In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets. However, that option is largely unappealing to the president given that it could open the U.S. to the kind of long-term commitment to Syria's stability that Obama has sought to avoid."
"WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition"

"10 Talking Points On Palestine For Arab-Americans"

"Israel’s decades-long effort to turn the word ‘terrorism’ into an ideological weapon"  This is part of the Jewish plan, in anticipation of the fall of the Soviet Union, to turn American support for Israel as a bulwark against Soviet influence in the Middle East, to American support for Israel as part of the Global War On Terror, which of course involved the building of the concept of Islamophobia and the perversion of the concept of terrorism.  It is no wonder the Jews think gentiles are idiots.

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