Sunday, August 17, 2014


"One would be hard-pressed to find an Israeli who does not sympathize with the suffering of Gaza’s victims." Natan Sharansky

"Rabbi slams ‘militarization’ in St. Louis but when it comes to Gaza– the press ‘loves underdog and suffering’" 

Tweet (Ⓐhmad):
"I found 's media comments on the Zionist left protest sums up tweets. "Israelis protest Netanyaho failure in ""

Tweet (Budour Hassan):
"In yesterday's "peace rally" in Tel Aviv, organised by Meretz, Hadash & Peace Now, a song was dedicated to Israeli soldiers who bombed "
Tweet (Solidarity Gaza):
"Dear Lord Zionist Rothchild Yes I will give you With Love His Majesty's Government "
Tweet (F.):
"If today's NYT editors were in charge in 1943."
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