Monday, August 25, 2014

When did it become acceptable?

"Globalizing Gaza" by Jeff Halper.  Amongst all the many other things they have done to us, the Khazars are on a systematic plan to completely wreck international law.

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"The day when the American nation realizes... "
Tweet (Ciaran):
" When did it become acceptable for the homes of civilians to be targeted and bombed in any conflict? What's the point of "
"Hold up of US missile shipment to Israel reportedly resolved"  This whole thing looks like a PR stunt to make Barry look a little less evil.

"How the New York Times Twists Gaza"  The NYT has abandoned all pretense to objectivity.

Tweet (Hamid Bendaas):
"Hamas leader: "We weren't aware of the kidnappings." Every headline: "Hamas admits responsibility for kidnappings." Okay, journalism majors."

"The Emails on Salaita" (my emphasis in red):
"Also on Friday, the university responded to an open records request from Inside Higher Ed for communications to the chancellor about the Salaita appointment, prior to her action to block it. The communications show that Wise was lobbied on the decision not only by pro-Israel students, parents and alumni, but also by the fund-raising arm of the university. The communications also show that the university system president was involved, and that the university was considering the legal ramifications of the case before the action to block the appointment."
Tweet (Joe Catron):
". Remind me which country tried to drag the West into the Syria war, on the same side as ISIS, just last year? "
We've been hearing a lot about the Hamas charter: "Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this..."

"Rolling in underground tunnels" Žižek can smell a lucrative intellectual trend a thousand miles away, so its probably a good sign he's shifting horses.
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