Saturday, September 27, 2014


Winter is still coming:  "Ukraine PM Cries "Russia Wants Us To Freeze" As Locals Prepare For A Long, Cold Winter"

The Europeans are walking face-first into a big depression because they can't stop themselves from imposing the Sanctions For The Jews on Russia which the Americans insist upon as part of the War For The Jews against Putin.

The eloquent Barry can't even begin to come up with a rational explanation for his newest Middle East War For The Jews which everybody knows is going to be another massive disaster for the Americans.

"Drought has 14 communities on the brink of waterlessness"  Californians have known for years that this was coming, with even worse to follow, yet there were only the slightest band-aid efforts to do anything about it.  Global warming, you see, is entirely up to God, so all you can do is pray, and die.

Whatever happened to foresight, and rational planning, and recognition of cause and effect, and the real consequences of stupidity and fecklessness?

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